VINCS Project
(Virtual Infrastructure for Networked ComputerS)


Study on advanced middleware infrastructure that aggressively utilizes virtualization and autonomic computing technology.


This project pursues the direction in which the above functionalities are realized with middleware. An effort is made to avoid substantial modification to existing OSes or applications and enforcement of a specific programming language.


There are many challenges to be addressed.
Efficient implementation of virtual computing environments

Many existing virtual computing environments are slow and leave rooms for performance improvement. Moreover, they have a problem of consuming much resource. It is an urgent necessity to address the challenges below.

  • Reduction in overheads added by virtual computing environments
  • Reduction in the amount of memory consumed by virtual computing environments
  • Reduction in the size of snapshot (data representing an entire state of a virtual computing environment)

Development of technologies for managing a great number of virtual computing environments.

Most existing virtual computing environments have problems in performance and the amount of consumed resource. As a result, they cannot always achieve good performance in situations where a great number of virtual computing environments co-exist on one physical computer. In addition, they provide few functionalities for dealing with multiple correlating virtual computing environments as one atomic object. The functionalities are essential for saving the state of the virtual network composed of multiple virtual computing environments and suspending/restarting multiple virtual computing environments in bulk.

Security and privacy

Problem of security and privacy should be solved in applications in which a part of resource in one's computer is encapsulated in a virtual computing environment and provided to others via a network. It is necessary to guarantee security and to keep privacy with cryptography and authentication.

Implementation and evaluation of applications of virtual computing environments

A virtual computing environment is a key component for achieving the applications described above. However, they are not achieved with virtual computing environments alone; various supportive mechanisms must be implemented. It is not trivial to answer what kind of mechanisms should be added and how they should be implememted. It is not trivial to answer whether virtual computing environments are suitable for realizing each functionality described above. It must be evaluated through experiments.


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