linux memo

interesting packages



using msfonts in xdvik-ja
sudo update-vfontmap
embedding japanese fonts in pdf
rml H Ryumin-Light
rml H msmincho
using msfonts in vflib (for gs)
sudo update-vfontcap
using msfonts in xpdf-japanese
msgothic.ttc and msmincho.ttc do not work well... (why?)

usb mouse problem on Dell 4600C (solved!)

I had a very strange phenomenon; usually my usb optical mouse works nicely, but sometimes, especially when the machine goes very busy, it hangs (i.e. no click and no mouse cursor movement). This hang is fixed if I replug it. After checking all the things, finally I found this is due to one of the Dell 4600C's bios settings, usb emulation. In my computer, it was turned on. Once desabled, the mouse hang is gone!

dynamic proxy setting for firefox

Store a file like this accessible via web and choose automatic proxy config:
function FindProxyForURL(url,host)
{ if(isInNet(host,"","") || isInNet(...)) {
return "PROXY";
} else { return "DIRECT"; }


-r disk:local=<unix dir path>
<unix dir path> will be seen as \\tsclient\local\