Available documents

Available documents

The following is a list of documents related to my past and present work. All are available electronically through ftp or http. Most are in PostScript form though some, having integrated bitmaps etc, are held in a collection of files. They have not been adapted for interactive presentation.



A Meta-level Architecture for Prototyping Object Systems (~500K)
My PhD Dissertation describing CodA, Tj, their implementation and application to real-world problems.

Meta-level programming with CodA (A4 ~100K)
A paper which appeared in ECOOP '95. Overview of the CodA architecture and several examples of object models created using its facilities. Letter size also available.

CodA User's Guide
A draft guide (in PostScript) to the CodA meta-architecture, how to use it and its implementation. This is not a finished/polished document.

CodA overview (46372 bytes)
A brief overview of the CodA architecture. This is a paper from the OOPSLA '93 Workshop on Meta-architectures (aka, "The Reflection Workshop"). A plain text version is also available. Note that the CodA architecture has evolved considerably since this document was written and some details may no longer be accurate. The overall idea however, is consistent with the current design.

All the position papers from this workshop are available electronically in both PostScript and plain text formats.



Meta-level architecture support for distributed objects (A4 ~85K)
A paper which appeared in IWOOOS '95. Details the design and use of Tj, a distributed object system built on top of CodA. Letter size also available.

Tj User's Guide
A draft guide (in PostScript) to the Tj distributed object system, how to use it and its implementation. This is not a finished/polished document.

This document is currently not available.



Vibes overview (4 pages)
This is a short document describing the general direction and goals of the Vibes project. It was presented at the OOPSLA '93 Workshop on Object-oriented Program Monitoring and Debugging (aka "The Visualization Workshop"). A plain text version is also available. All the position papers and a summary of the workshop are available electronically.

Vibes overview (20 pages, 106133 bytes)
Eventually, this is a full-length (or longer) paper which is the current spec for the Vibes system as a whole. It is an evolving draft and as such may be incomplete in some aspects.

This file is currently not available.

Vibes overview (talk/slides)
This is a set of slides I use as a base for describing Vibes. The images for slide 11 are here and here. The images for slide 12 are here and here.


Previous work

Reasoning in object-oriented systems (66256 bytes)
A paper on expert system tools as applied to and implemented in object-oriented systems. In particular, ENVY/Expert, a forward chaining (RETE algorithm) inference engine written in Smalltalk. This is from the Workshop on Object-Oriented Computing '93.

Unified Distributed Simulation (132323 bytes)
Master's thesis on unifying optimistic and pessimistic distributed simulation techniques such as Time Warp and Chandy-Misra (respectively).

A Unified Distributed Simulation System (44218 bytes)
A paper on the Unified Distributed Simulation algorithm from the Winter Simulation Conference '90.


Other work

Refer to the lab home page for information on other lab projects.

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