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AMO Project: Exploiting Autonomous Mobile Objects


The project aims at formal and practical development of the programming language aspect in mobile computation, which encompasses formal models of computation movement, efficient implementation, architecture neutral computational environment, and security.

Some of the OHP slides Yonezawa used in the talk at GMD FIRST, Berlin on July 19, 1998 can be found here.

Also, some of our theoretical results are described in the papers listed below.


JavaGo is not a Java software for the game of go, but the name of our toolkit that enables a Java program to migrate across computers, preserving its execution state.


The Java tool is a library written in ocaml for reading, verifying, modifying and writing Java class files. Click to go to Java tool page.

Java Blender

Java Blender is a tool for compressing i-appli programs. Since the size of an i-appli program is restricted to be less than 10KB, the programmer tends to reduce the code size by shortening identifiers and reducing the number of classes. Java Blender allows the programmer to write an i-appli program in the same way as a usual Java program by performing such compression techniques automatically on behalf of the programmer.


The Project Members

Akinori Yonezawa
Kenjiro Taura
Tatsurou Sekiguchi
Shuntaro Hitomi
Norifumi Gotoh
Nayuta Taga
Yutaka Oiwa
Daisuke Hoshina
Hidehiko Masuhara
Masatomo Hashimoto

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