Virtual Private Grid :
A Command Shell for Utilizing Hundreds of Machines Efficiently


Virtual Private Grid (VPG) is a command shell that allows a user to harness hundreds of machines efficiently and easily. More specifically, VPG provides the following functions.

Here are some examples of the remote job submission with VPG.

Comparison with Other Tools

VPG differs from existing job submission tools (e.g, rsh, SSH) in that it semi-automatically works around restrictions imposed by administrators (e.g., private IP, firewall, DHCP client).

For example, when submitting a job to a machine behind a firewall with existing tools, you usually need to first log onto a gateway machine and then onto the target.

% ssh gateway
% rsh tuba ls

One the other hand, using VPG, you can directly submit a job only by specifying the target with its nickname.

% ls@tuba


This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


This version of VPG is intended to run on Unix-like systems. In particular, we have test VPG on the following platforms: VPG should also run on other systems, provided GNU systems (e.g., gcc, make) and POSIX threads are available.


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