[YL] The Yonezawa Lab for Information Science

Yonezawa group is interested in a broad range of ideas around programming languages from theory through implementation to applications. As a computer processes information according to a program, the research of programming languages essentially comes up to the one of the general notion of computation.

Recent research in the laboratory has included these subjects:

  1. Concurrent, distributed, and/or mobile computation,
  2. Security, and
  3. Language design and implementation.

These subjects have been studied from a variety of viewpoints. Our research interest is not only in language tools such as a compiler and an interpreter, but also in language systems such as a library and a virtual machine. Our outcomes include:

They have been international contributions to computer science.

The laboratory has high performance parallel machines (14 to 32CPUs) connected in a fast network (1 to 2Gbit/sec) to support those research (see Facilities). A shared memory parallel machine (64CPUs) and a workstation cluster (256CPUs) in the department of computer science are also available from the laboratory.

A student is supported to communicate with first class researchers in other faculties and in both domestic and foreign universities. Many students have studied in a foreign research institution.

The members of the group are Akinori Yonezawa, Eijiro Sumii, three postdoctoral researchers, seven doctor course students, ten master course students, and five senior students.